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Hello! Welcome and thank you for visiting my page! For those that don't know me, my name is Callie and I have the great opportunity to coach many people with their nutrition. More recently I have begun my own nutrition coaching business called C2 Your Nutrition.

You may wonder what the heck a nutrition coach even does, tell people what to eat and what not to eat? If only it were that simple! I love helping people, especially in this area of their lives. Nutrition encompasses all the things! Who we are, our sleep, stressors, activity levels, the quality and quantity of food we eat, our mental game that we play in our heads, etc. I'm not about a 30-day weight loss challenge or a quick easy fix because in all reality if that's what you want then be ready to gain it all back after you're finished. My philosophy is long-term, sustainable habits.

A little background on me...I was lucky enough to grow up in a home where nutrition was considered important. I never drank a ton of soda or ate a lot of fast food. Hot pockets, tv dinners and blocks of cheese from Costco definitely had their place, but my mom also strived to instill a sense of what healthy eating looked like.

You're wondering well what's the struggle here, how can you even begin to relate to me? I would say between 18-28 I would learn how to eat for me. Between the stress of going to school and working full-time, to marrying into a blended family, a figure competition, etc binge eating and restricting became my norm. There are days I would binge eat so much that it affected my social life. The pain of eating too much and the shame of doing it over and over, wore on me greatly. The next day you would find me on the stairclimber bloated AF, but determined to outwork my poor diet decisions.

It wasn't until I found crossfit and wanted to train more than what the classes had to offer. In the early days of crossfit "paleo" was the thing to do especially at the start of the new year. Cut out all processed foods, eat nothing but lean meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, seeds and little starch. I obsessed over this way of eating so much that I'm pretty sure my two step-sons considered me crazy!

Paleo worked for a while until I had zero energy to push through my workouts, and was not recovering properly. Let me make it clear that Paleo does not restrict how many carbs you can eat, but at the time it seemed frowned upon to eat anything other than sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash to meet your carbohydrate needs! I began incorporating white rice into my meals and I can't even express the night and day difference in my energy.

Fast forward I end up hiring a nutrition coach of my own. At the time I considered what I ate pretty good, but wanted to seek out the help of someone that knew more than me. My coach not only help me drop weight, but she was feeding me more than I had ever eaten before. This witchcraft had me hooked, I needed to know more and so the itch began.

Nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all approach, nor does it mean what is working for you right now will work for you later in life. We as people are changing, growing and going through the many season's life brings our way.

If you are willing to give me your hard work, I will give you my 110% to help you transform.

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